This is an outline of the program overview's objectives, which are still under revision.

Brickyard Educational Farm’s mission is to provide hands-on learning experiences that connect people and students with the land, food, water and biodiversity that sustain them.

The Vision: Through our work we hope to grow local fresh food for school cafeterias, train the next generation of beginning farmers, pass on the valuable knowledge and skills of seed saving, and provide farm-based education for our youth. This economically self sustaining, farm-based environmental educational center would be an integrated model for every school system in the nation to help build a vibrant food economy, healthy communities, and teach our youth about organic food and farming.

Vision's Core Components

Farm to School Field Trips

Educate children about food systems, the origins of their food and how it is grown.

Beginning Farmer Incubator Program

Mentor the next generation of farmers to run their own operation. Cultivate and distribute organic produce to school cafeterias.

Farm to Cafeteria Program

Improve the health of Montgomery County Children by adding local organic produce into school lunch menus.

Seed Saving

Preserve the genetic biodiversity of corn and soybean heirloom varieties thereby protecting our national food security, and ensuring food sustainability.

Additional Components

Apprentice Program

Train youth interested in farming and agro-education.


Train young adults from ages 18-24 in sustainable farming and agro-education. Provide mentors and models of success for the interns through field trips to other area farms.

Land Link

Help beginning farmers find affordable land to start their own farming operations.

Gleaning and Seconds Market

Provide local organic produce to food insecure populations via donations and reduced price marketing.

Professional Development

Provide a site for professional development for environmental and agricultural educators in cooperation with other nonprofits and governmental agencies.