Get Involved

Are You Interested In...

  • Contributing financially?
  • Joining a committee?
  • Working in the garden?
  • Helping lead and facilitate school groups?
  • Help with a farm work project?
  • Help us reach out to schools and organizations in the community who might want to visit the farm?
  • Writing letters to our political officials?
  • Help us fund-raise to meet our financial goals?

Below, find a list of specific volunteer roles we need filled.

  1. School/Camp Outreach- Do you know a school, camp, or group that would be interested in visiting the farm? Contact them and put them in touch with our educational coordinator.
  2. Outreach committee- we need people to do outreach at community events from Farmer's Markets to community festivals.
  3. Free stuff investigator- we have an extensive wish list of garden tools and other materials for the garden. We need someone to keep an eye out on Free Cycle and Craigslist for any of the items on our wish list.

To find out more or volunteer for one of these roles, contact Sophia.