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Farm Field Trip Programming and Standards

On Farm Field Trip Lesson Plans

Students break up into small groups, and are lead through each station simultaneosly with a Brickyard Educational Farm educator. Below are our lesson plans, as well as the corresponding standard alignments. We have aligned to Maryland VSC (Voluntary State Curriculum), the Common Core standards and the Maryland Environmental Literacy standards. Sample standards alignments provided below are for the first grade.


Brickyard Educational Farm Core Field trip lessons (Elementary):

BEF Field trip Outline.pdf

chicken outline doc.pdf

Compost Outline.pdf

Garden Station Outline.pdf

Harvesting Station.pdf

Planting Station.pdf

Standards Alignment: VSC, Common Core and Maryland Environmental Literacy (Sample for 1st Grade):

Chicken Activity to CC and Elit.pdf

Compost Activity to CC and Elit.pdf

Garden Activity to CC and Elit.pdf

*We will be working on aligning to Next Generation Science Standards, as well as Montgomery County's Curriculum 2.0