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Meet Our New Intern!

Meet our new intern: Marissa!

Marissa discovered her passion for sustainable food while taking an English class on Food Rhetoric her freshman year of college. The class introduced her to the food issues of sustainability and accessibility.

The attached picture was taken at this year's sweetlife festival, hosted by sweetgreen. It is a music and food festival with an emphasis on sustainability. People were encouraged to write what they believed in on a chalkboard and Marissa wrote, "I believe in real/non-industrialized food."

She has loved Whole Foods her entire life and understands the importance of “voting with your fork.”

Marissa is a junior at the University of Maryland, College Park. She majors in Agricultural and Resource Economics and minors in Sustainability Studies and Global Poverty. She is super excited to help out with Brickyard’s social media, website, blogs, etc. this summer!

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