Check out our tumblr documenting the new Greenhouse Seedling Pilot Project we are conducting in high school greenhouses!


Come to a one time screening of Open Sesame: The Story of Seeds in DC.

Brickyard Educational Farm is featured in this film! Join us for the viewing and reserve your tickets now by clicking here!


The Brickyard Educational Farm Fundraiser was a success! Thanks to Mark Leisher Productions for the incredible video they made highighting our journey so far. Check it out below. You can also click here to see pictures from the event.

Thank you to everyone who supported, volunteered and attended! 


Special thanks to our Brickyard Educational Farm Fundraiser Honorary Committee:

Senator Brian Frosh, Senator Jamie Raskin

Delegate Bonnie Cullison,  Delegate Susan Lee,  Delegate Sheila Hixson,  Delegate Kirill Reznik,  Delegate Ariana Kelly,  Delegate Luiz Simmons,  Delegate Bill Frick,  Delegate Jeff Waldstreicher,  
Delegate Kathleen Dumais,  Delegate Tom Hucker,  Delegate Shane Robinson, Delegate Aruna Miller

Councilmember Marc Elrich,  Councilmember George Leventhal,  Councilmember Valerie Ervin

Contact Sophia with questions or inquiries about in-class or on-farm programming for this summer and fall.

The first class that came out this season, learning how worms help break down soil and create pathways for roots to reach nutrients.


Read the latest copy of Brickyard Educational Farm's working business plan.

This video is of field trips from last spring and summer, created by one of our wonderful volunteers, Molli Chang.

History and Now

Brickyard Educational Farm is in its second season conducting farm-based educational programming outside and in the classroom. In its first year, Brickyard Educational Farm resided on Montgomery County school board property on a 20-acre farm in Potomac, Maryland. To learn more about the agricultural heritage of this organic seed saving farm go to www.SaveThisSoil.org. We hope to return to this fertile organic soil by collaborating with our local school board to utilize vacant school board lands until the best permanent use for the land is determined.

In the mean time we have moved to an adjacent peice of private property where we have started a small educational garden in order to continue our farm based educational programming.  While our programming capacity will be limited in this new location in comparison to last summer, we are making carrot cake out of carrots. We are excited still to be able to remain a resource to local educational institutions, summer camps, civic organizations, individual community members, environmental groups interested in food and farming. 

We offer educational garden programs for k-5 as well as the high school level including lessons about soil science, the water cycle, composting, planting, harvesting, and organic gardening. We are committed to connecting students and teaching them about local and sustainable food and agriculture.